One of a Kind Guaranteed

Crystal Clarity Creations offers one of a kind jewelry made by a solo female artist in the Southwest. Each piece is made with genuine metal and gemstones and is hand crafted with intention.

All of the work you see is made "cold" which means no glues, adhesives, or torches were used! My goal is to ensure every customer has a continuous variety of unique adornments that fit any budget and any style. Custom requests are always welcome.

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  • Cameron from Instagram said:

    "I have pre arthritic knuckles and its really hard to find a ring that fits comfortably over my knuckle and it still sits flush flush on my finger. I literally could not be more thankful to you for making it! Keep being amazing!!"

  • Roenick from Instagram said:

    "I received the ring in the mail yesterday and it looks *phenomenal* thank you so much. Just in time too! Thank you again for making this a wonderfully easy experience."

  • Thomas from Etsy said:

    "The pendent necklace I order exceeded my expectations and left my mother speechless, she hasn’t taken it off. She’s in love with it. Couldn’t have came in faster than it did. Great shipping even during a pandemic lol. Definitely will be ordering something from her again in the future.