Do you accept custom orders? Yes! I'm pretty much always accepting custom projects. While I am always accepting requests, I may not make every idea that comes my way. Custom orders can take between 2-5 weeks depending on how long my current list is.

To put in a custom order, please click the "Custom Request" link and answer all the questions in a message. Serious inquiries only please. If you just have questions about custom orders, send me a message or read "how do custom order work" below.

How do custom orders work? First, know what kind of jewelry you would like me to make and what kind of price range you would like to stay in. My custom request form has all the specific information I will need when it comes time. (please read my store policies before placing a request) The more you know about what you want the sooner we can get started, so please try to have an idea before reaching out. 

Second, be payment ready. All custom orders require at least a 50% non-refundable deposit to begin. The other 50% must be paid upon or before completion. A full payment is preferred up front if possible. (My store policies have more details about payments)

Third, click the "Custom Request" link and place your order in a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can to discuss your dream adornment! 

Please only put in a request if you are payment ready. If you just have questions or would like to be given a rough price estimate of your idea, then send me a message on Instagram or email. 

What does the custom order process look like?

1) Usually the stones are the first thing we discuss. I ask that you have a rough idea of what stones you might want or at the very least, the colors . If I don't have the stones on hand, I have no problem ordering them. Please know that if I have to place an order for a stone that is coming from overseas, weight time will increase and that is out of my hands.  

2) Then I will ask about the design. If you want a design that is similar to a past design, I will ask you to send a picture(s) from my Instagram or website of what you have in mind. If you chose one of my past designs, please know that it will NOT come out as an exact copy of the past design. It will be made as close as possible while still being unique and one of a kind. 

      -If you are giving me creative control over the design, I usually ask for a week to come up with 1-2 designs to show. If neither of the first 2 options are satisfactory, I can then come up with another 2 but one must be chosen out of those 4 options. Please know that the drawing we agree on is a rough draft and the final piece may not come out exact to the drawing, I will do my very best to bring the original idea to life. 

​3) Once the stones and design have been chosen, I will then begin on the piece. I will give you an estimate of how long I think it will take me and please understand that this is an estimate. It can take less or more than my estimate, so please be patient. I do my best to get custom pieces done within a timely manner, and I do my best to communicate during the whole process. Please do not continuously ask me when the piece will be done before the estimated time. I promise it is in the works!

4) I will then send a couple photos (and sometimes a video) of the finished piece when it is ready to send out. I normally do not send progress pics of the piece while I'm making it, so if you would like a couple pics of the progress please let me know. If you are satisfied with the outcome I will ship out within 1-3 days. If you are unsatisfied with the piece, please communicate that before I ship and I can do my best to rework it.

Please have trust in my artistic abilities. By placing a custom order with me, you are agreeing to give some room to create with my artistic eye and make you something beautiful! 

Can you hold a piece for me? I can hold something for you if a 50% non-refundable deposit is paid upfront. Once the other 50% is paid on the agreed date, I will send the order. If you miss the final payment without communication, your hold will be canceled and the jewelry will go back up for sale. Please read my store policies for further details about deposits. All holds must be paid off within 2 weeks after the deposit.

What is your return policy? I do not accept returns or exchanges for any reason. I will however do my very best to meet your needs and help in any way I can, to resolve any issues you might have with your order. If you placed an order for a custom piece of jewelry and do not like the outcome, you MUST communicate that before delivery. 

Do you accept payment plans? Yes I do. Each one varies depending on the order but usually a 30% non-refundable deposit will need to be made to start the plan and to hold the piece till the next available payment. I like to have my payment plans paid off within 4 weeks after the deposit is paid. Usually I suggest splitting the remainder amount up into 2 or 4 payments over those 4 weeks. I am open to whatever works best for you! Payments must be paid on time. The dates will be discussed and chosen together.Communication is the most important part! If you miss a payment, I'm flexible and easy to work with. Just let me know and we can go from there. Please click my "store policies" to read how non-responsive situations will be handled. 

Do you sell wholesale? Yes I do! Pricing really depends on what you're looking for and how much of it you would like. Please present some of my designs that you like from my Instagram or have some ideas ready to discuss. Just send me an email or a message on Instagram for the quickest response.

How long till I receive my order? Every order usually gets shipped out within 2-4 business days. Each package is sent First Class through USPS in a bubble mailer. Shipping within the US is usually 3-4 days. Shipping internationally can take anywhere from 7-21 days. *If you would like your package to be shipped through a different mail service or sent quicker, please message me or leave a note at checkout.*

Does my order come with insurance? Orders that cost $250 or more, come with insurance free of charge. Anything under that will need to be requested and paid for in advance. Leave a note at checkout or send me a message.

Can you repair and clean/polish my jewelry? Yes! But I will not clean or repair any jewelry that is not made by me. A small fee may be charged for repairs depending on the type of repair that needs to be done. No fee for cleaning and polishing. 

How do I care for my jewelry? Copper and silver jewelry oxidizes naturally over time. (This means the color darkens) To prevent it from oxidizing, keep it away from moisture (so don't wear your jewelry in the shower) and keep it in the air tight plastic pouch it came in when not being worn. To clean your jewelry, use dawn dish soap and *gently* scrub your piece with a soft toothbrush. (Just the wire! You don't want to risk scratching any soft gemstones.) Once it's dry, rub clean with a polishing cloth, repeat steps when needed. Message me if you have any specific questions on how to clean your jewelry. 

Can you oxidize a piece if it's not already? Yes! Just message me about it or leave it in the notes section at checkout that you would like me to oxidize it before shipping. Also, add if you would like it to be polished afterwards to give it an "antique" finish.