About Me

Meet the Artist

My name is Rachael Osiel and I am the solo creator behind Crystal Clarity Creations LLC. 

I am an outdoors lover, who grew up in the city. I am originally from the Chicago area, but ever since graduating high school, I have been on the road. I have been to at least 41 states and have lived in at least 6 all by the age of 23. No matter where I have lived or what I am doing, art has always been a big part of my life. I currently reside in southern Colorado, for now. 

I am a self taught jeweler and have learned most of what I know through trial and error and putting in hours of practice over the years. I have been wire wrapping since 2017 and have plans to teach what I know one day to others. 

I have dabbled in many different art forms such as macrame, painting, dream catcher weaving, sewing, clay sculpting, flow arts, and even wood burning. I feel that it is my purpose to create. Nothing brings me more joy than when I am flowing with creativity and expressing it into existence, with art. My style and inspiration comes from the world around me. All of the places I have been and all of the people I meet, forever inspire me. I am always growing and learning, and never box myself in with one style or form of expression. My art demonstrates that. I am dedicated to growing on this journey and love the challenges that come with being my own boss.