Let's bring your custom design to life!

Please try to answer as many of these questions in the message box below:

1) What kind of creation would you like? (pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings, other) If you would like to request a ring, please find out the correct size. (Whole or half sizes only) You can get sized at your local jewelry store or even at the jewelry department in Walmart.

**There are ways to find out your size at home but just know that they are not very accurate. I do charge a remake fee for remaking any custom rings that were paced in the wrong size. (refer to my policies)

2) What kind of wire? (silver, copper, gold, etc.)

3) What kind of gemstones do you have in mind? And/or colors? (if you don't know what stones, that's okay we can discuss it together and find what's right for you together! Having a color in mind can better help me find the right options for you) ​

4) What is the price range you would like to stay in? (I can work with most budgets but most of my work starts at about $100)

5) What kind of design do you have in mind? (If you like a past design I've done before, send a screenshot of it from my Instagram. If you don't know what kind of design, you can leave it up to me and I can present some options with the gemstones we choose.) 

​​Feel free to include any other information that I might need to know. (example: if it's a gift or if there is a deadline.)

****By filling out this form, you are agreeing with my store policies and have read through them. And that you have fully read through my FAQ regarding custom orders.****

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